MET-CS wins the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award
"By reveiving the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris in July 2013, MET-CS has become a member of the Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.).

The final decision to award MET-CS, made by the ISLQ Selection Committee is based on the criteria of the principles of the QC100 TQM ( Total Quality Management):
Customer Satisfaction; Communication Strategies; Benchmarking; Information and Data Analysis; Leadership; Planning and Decision-making; Human Resources; Continuing Education and Training; Processes and Production; Financial Outcome; Business Results; ISO 9000 and TQM.

B.I.D. has an international structure of experts in business communication, formed by engineers, physicists, mathematicians, economists, psychologists, journalists, designers and architects who also research great segments of public and private information sources, such as the media, publications, advertising, trade fairs and exhibitions, consultancy companies, universities, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies and their Commercial Offices.

MET-CS will be always committed to excellence, quality, innovation and leadership."