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Procera Networks are dedicated to ensuring that broadband users get a great quality of experience. They enhance the broadband experience through their Internet Intelligence Solutions designed to help network operations Gain insights and allow them to Take Action to deliver a high quality of Experience for customers. MET-CS is proud to be a partner with Procera networks, offering the PacketLogic Solution.

PacketLogic is a scalable traffic management product for all types of network enviornments. PacketLogic performs deep packet and flow inspection on Internet Protocol (IP) packets, and classifies their content using Datastream Recognition Definition Language (DRDL) in an efficient and fast packet analysis engine.

The result of this analysis is a comprehensive real-time view of the traffic flowing in a network. This includes applications transmitting and receiving the traffic (known as services in PacketLogic). server and client identification, bandwidth use, and properties specific to services (such as the caller in a Voice over IP (VoIP) call).

The list of services identified by DRDL is updated frequently, and a user may also define traffic recognition for proprietary services.