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    Middle East Technology for Consultancy & Services (MET-CS) offers a portfolio of customer support services in order to serve the specific needs of different organizations.
    Customer support service is a critical step in a relationship that can be relied on to keep IT systems up and running.  Working independently and with partners, MET-CS customer support services maximizes the system uptime and the investment that organizations have made in new technology.
    With a team of technical support specialists, MET-CS provides immediate access to proven solutions by our team of experts. 
    Whether the IT operation only has an occasional need for service support, or it has a mission-critical operation demanding 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week reliability, our technical specialists are ready to help remotely or on-site.  

    MET-CS offers a choice of support service plans and options to meet customer needs through a comprehensive suite of service packages.

    Service Packages

    Customers can choose one of four service packages offered by MET-CS to meet the desired levels of availability:

    -MET-CS Standard 
    MET-CS Affiliate 
    -MET-CS Elite
    -MET-CS Premier
    To ensure that customers’ problems and issues are dealt with the most efficient and effective way, there is an escalation path built into every MET-CS service plan.


    For all our customers, MET-CS HelpDesk provides a convenient one stop support contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers may request MET-CS services via multiple channels to ensure that they get instant access to MET-CS support services.

    In order to serve you anywhere and anytime, we make available to you our 24 hours customer service hotline. For your queries, problems, comments, you will be connected with someone who will immediately assist you or take your information and have a specialist call you back.